How it Works

It all starts with recycling the existing one
customer fashion industry copy. Object
restored if necessary or recovering . Then
recycled completely design things and
agreed with the client.
After forming a "grid" of materials for
production and production starts
instance's. As a result, the customer receives
brand new thing with the highest quality
executions. The client has the right to discuss everything
nuances with the chief designer max in the process
design tuning and make edits at the stage
design and modeling of the project. So
same change colors as desired.
Also, the customer can purchase created with
this is a Model designed for the world
brand's. And it is brought to the individual
project under the client in a single copy
no repetitions in the market. Every Wear project
Tuning MAX FABRIQUE is a thing entirely on
exclusive in the one and only
the design for the client.